Pink Dragonfruit Tea Cocktail!

ImageSummer has finally arrived in Toronto – which means it’s iced tea cocktail season 🙂  On a recent cottage trip to the Muskokas, I was inspired to mix some pinot prigio with Pink Dragonfruit tea. It was a hit with my fellow cottage goers! Image

Here is what you need:

50g of Pink Dragonfruit (or any tea you desire) 

Tea infusers of some sort (I used Finum filters from Tealish – they’re effective because you can just toss them in the pitcher)

1 bottle of your favorite white wine (pinot grigio works great!)

How I did it:

I scooped 8 perfect teaspoons of tea into two separate Finum filters, tied a knot and dropped them in a pitcher. I then poured the entire bottle of wine into the pitcher and steeped over night. The great part about the cold tea method is that the longer it steeps the better it tastes! I also kept the filters in the container and continued to top off the pitcher with extra wine throughout the day!

If you’d like, garnish with fresh fruit to serve.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Pink Dragonfruit tea, either!  Try cold steeping any of our fruit blends with white wine to create delicious tea-infused cocktails all summer long. Some of our other favourites include Pina Colada, Sweet Pear Punch and Southern Belle, but the options are endless!



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