Get Beautiful Summer Skin… With Tea!

Ever wonder how some people just GLOW in the summer time? It’s as though all of that sweat and sun that gives the rest of us an unfortunate mixture of everything from acne to dry skin just doesn’t affect them. Do these people know something the rest of us don’t? Is there some kind of secret ingredient they use? It just so happens that one of these secret ingredients is none other than TEA!

She's got a secret weapon! We'll tell you how to use it.

She's got a secret weapon! We'll tell you how to use it.

As it turns out, our favourite bevvy serves yet ANOTHER role in its endless array of health benefits: skin softner, soother, clearer-up-er, de-puffer… we could go on. What we mean to highlight for this season, is that tea works wonders for damaged summer skin! We’re here to tell you just how to put this skin superstar to work in the most effective ways.

For starters, it’s helpful to know WHY tea is so great for skin. Green tea is best, boasting a particular kind of anti-oxidant that serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen. It also rejuvenates skin cells, making your skin bright and soft. You can even use the leaves themselves, without steeping! But more on that later (We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves)…

Fresh, healthful tea leaves!

Fresh, healthful tea leaves!

1) Beautiful skin is HYDRATED skin. That means getting your 8 glasses a day. Iced Tea offers more flavour than water and can be enjoyed unsweetened, keeping sugar out of it! Make yourself a big jug of iced tea and keep that puppy on hand. Here’s our recipe.

2) Green tea rids your body of unwanted toxins AND acts as an anti-inflammatory. Use it after the sun to de-puff, refresh and detoxify!  We love using it as toner, applying it to the face with a moistened cotton ball. Also, try it as a skin spritzer, keeping a spray bottle full in the fridge and using it post-sun.  Added bonus: green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties will keep pimples off your radar!

3) Green tea rejuvenates dead skin cells. Seriously! To maximize the results, make your own green tea exfoliant. Add a concentrated shot of green tea to your favourite, all-natural lotion. Then, use a pestle and mortar to grind dry leaves into fine dust. Add it all together and massage onto the face gently in the morning or at night. Rinse to reveal glowing skin!

4) To soothe a bad sunburn and soften that dry, sun-scorched skin, make a tea compress, cool it, and apply it directly.  If it’s a REALLY bad burn, add some aloe vera to the compress! You can also add a few cups of green tea to luke-warm bath water for a seriously refreshing effect. Don’t forget to rinse well. Otherwise you might end up with a green-ish fake tan… Yikes!

5) Flaunt that flawless skin like nobody’s business!

Check it out! An in-depth article detailing the anti-oxidant, skin rejuvenating properties of green tea:


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