Grow Your Own Herbal Teas with Tealish!

Eating local and home-grown food is more popular than ever. While social conscience plays a role in the decisions we make regarding food sources, it’s also nice to know where and what created the food you’re eating. With that in mind, and because today – May 15th – is optimal for planting, we thought we’d share some easy gardening tips that will help both the green- and black-thumbed alike! After all, what’s more rewarding than plucking something from your garden to create a delicious cup of tea?

Organic herbs grown in recycled tins! Credit:

It’s important to know why today is so great for planting: we’ve braved through the last frost and we are generally safe by this time of year. If you plant before the last frost, you risk damaging the seedlings and needing to replant.  The next thing to consider is what you will be planting. Some herbs and flowers that prosper in southern Ontario weather and make great tisane (herbal tea) include anise, fennel, lavender, vervain (lemon verbena), mint and chamomile. Next, what will you do about soil?

Typically, herbs adore well-drained soil and don’t like to get their roots soggy. Most of the soil in GTA backyards is a bit dense and clay-y, so we suggest compost, compost and more compost. The plants and the environment will thank you 🙂 If you’re growing mint, our experience tells us that it is least picky and will grow just about anywhere!

If you’re choosing to pot your plants, put some pebbles in the bottom of the pot before adding potter’s soil. This will keep the roots nice and dry. Make sure the pot drains well, too!

Sit back and wait for the fruit of your labor (literally). Leaves can be snipped once the plant begins to flower and flowers can be taken just as they start to open. Fruit and seeds are best removed when fully ripe.

You can use the herbs when fresh, adding about 10grams/6ounces of water. Or, dry them yourself. This article gives in-depth direction for drying herbs. Once dried, use about 5grams/6ounces of water.  

Follow our advice and you’ll be sipping a hot cuppa in no time 🙂 Good luck!


1 Response to “Grow Your Own Herbal Teas with Tealish!”

  1. 1 Janet Nezon May 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Great post! I’ve been growing my own herbs for years in my backyard, and love enjoying and sharing my “local” teas! (Don’t worry, still love your varieties too!) Got tons of peppermint coming up in the garden already -it tends to take over!

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