The month of April is Stress Management Month so we thought it would be a good time to talk about tea’s magical de-stressing powers!

Many studies show a growing body of evidence that drinking tea soothes stress. Several of tea’s biological ingredients are being studied for their potential effects on reducing stress, and the results so far look very promising. Whatever the scientific evidence is, it’s hard to argue that there are few things more relaxing than sitting down with a hot cup of tea. Tea is an inherently relaxing beverage and we encourage everyone to incorporate tea in to their de-stressing routine.


This study showed that people who drank black tea were able to de-stress much quicker than a control group that drank a placebo tea, after experiencing a stressful situation. Evidence suggests that drinking black tea lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol, and has a positive effect on high blood pressure.  Try our Black Tea Sampler for a selection of delicious black teas.


One of the most interesting stress reducing effects comes from drinking green tea, and its ability to boost alpha brain waves. Lower brain waves (alpha is the lowest) mean lower stress levels, and more positive feelings such as relaxation, creativity and calmness. The amino acid theanine boosts alpha brain waves, and green tea is the richest known source of theanine in nature. Here’s a great description of the “alpha state,”

‘You are lying on the beach, with the cool breeze caressing your face as you felt the tingling warm sensation of the sun on your skin, listening to the soothing roar of the sea as it sweeps onto the shore, in between, you hear the call of seagulls….you are so relaxed with your eyes closed…so peaceful like you don’t have care in this world.’

Sounds pretty good to me. And that, in a nutshell, is the alpha state! The tea with the highest amount of theanine is matcha so we try to drink a cup or two every day for a little alpha-action!

CAFFEINE FREE TEAS  Herbal Teas & Rooibos

Another great way to de-stress is to stay away from caffeinated teas and enjoy herbal and rooibos teas, which are naturally caffeine-free. A hot cup of herbal tea in the evening is a perfect way to wind down after a long day, and without the stimulating effects of caffeine, herbal teas won’t keep you up at night.

Tealish favorites like Tranquili-tea, Deep Green Embrace and Crimson Sunset are our top picks for a soothing and relaxing cup of tea to glide in to the evening with.

Even the process of making tea is relaxing.  So even during a busy and hectic day, taking a few moments to detach from the madness and focus on something enjoyable (like making and enjoying a cup of tasty tea) can be a great stress reducer!

So whether you are interested in the science of de-stressing, or just appreciative of the relaxing simplicity of the tea ritual, we encourage everyone to battle stress one cup at a time!


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